I began shooting this series at the beginning of the pandemic, in the midst of the first lockdown, when everything seemed very bleak. My film projects had to be put on hold, I could not travel anywhere, I felt completely stuck and hopeless. At the time I lived in an unfriendly town where I did not want to be, in an insignificant neighbourhood with hostile neighbours, and a house that did not inspire me at all. I especially disliked the blue wall in my office. It really got on my nerves – some colours just have that effect on you – and ever since moving in I wanted to paint the wall over in a more neutral color, but never got round doing so. Which in the end was a good thing. 


Long story short: around that time I ended up being selected for an online photography masterclass with renowned Dutch photographer Hellen van Meene whose work has inspired me since the very beginning. She shared her Ten Commandments with us. The most significant Commandment for me at that time was: “Work With What You've Got“. Don't make excuses, don't wallow in impossibilities – work with the material that you've got, right now, in your immediate surroundings. 


I did not have a studio or sophisticated studio lightning. Just natural light and a large window. And it turned out that the blue wall that I detested so much had the best light in the whole house to take photographs. So that is where I pointed my camera at. And the results pleasantly surprised me. In the end I came to love my blue wall. Who would have thought that the only thing I ever miss from that old house is this blue wall?


These bleakest of times, where everything was locked down and limited, have taught me that I can create anywhere, anytime. Just work with what you've got. You can do so much with so little.