ANNA SIBYLLA is an Italian-Dutch artist with Asian roots, based in the Netherlands. She graduated in directing at the Italian National Film School in Rome. 

Her background in film and storytelling forms the foundation of her photography work that is mainly set in the realms of motherhood, childhood nostalgia, and the longing for bygone eras. 

<< How to stay tender-hearted, despite despite despite >> is the leitmotiv in both her photography and film work. 

Photography is therapy; After working in film for several years and becoming mother to three daughters, Anna eventually returned to photography while in the midst of a burnout and whilst being housebound due to the Covid-19 lockdowns, as a way to cope and to connect with the outside world in a more personal and immediate manner. 

Anna Sibylla shoots analog as well as digital. She works exclusively with natural light and minimal retouching, adding to a sense of ‘delicate intimacy’, which is how she likes to define her work.

Next to film and photography Anna has a deep interest in historical gowns and costumes, which she has been collecting for years. From time to time you will see these heirlooms make an appearance in her photographs.


Is Anna Sibylla your real name? — Yes and No. My first name is Anna, and my second name starts with an S. But Anna Sibylla is an artist name, inspired by the female artist Maria Sibylla Merian whose life and work I admire and with whom I share a profound love for Butterflies and the process of Metamorphosis. For now I prefer to use this artist name as a way to work more anonymously and separately from my film work. Maybe one day the two will merge, but for now I am more comfortable like this.


Into the Darkness, group show – FLOOR Gallery, Seoul – South Korea / 26.11.2022-16.01.2023

CONCEPT2021, group show – CICA Museum, South Korea / 2021

Rotterdam Photo Book Market, group show – Rotterdam, the Netherlands / 2021



Too Tired Project Anthology, Volume I  / 2021

MILKED Magazine, Nr 4 / 2022


The Luupe – 100 Visions of Fatherhood / 2021

Lenscratch – Still Life online exhibition / 2021


FotoFilmic photography masterclass by Hellen van Meene / 2021

Scuola Nazionale di Cinema – Rome, Italy / graduated in directing

Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) / one year intensive directing program

University of Amsterdam / Film- and TV Sciences


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